Safeguarding Children

The Catholic Diocese of Darwin is committed to promoting the safeguarding of all children and young people. Consistent with gospel values and our Mission Statement, we follow the example of Jesus in respecting the dignity of each child, young person and vulnerable adult.

We are committed to work together to create an environment where children and young people are respected and where they are safe and feel safe. We provide opportunities for children and young people to have a say and be listened to.

We encourage open communication whereby families and communities are informed of relevant issues and participate in decisions regarding the safety of their children.

We actively seek to become and remain informed of the causes and signs of harm to children and young people.

We have documented policies and procedures to prevent risks to children and young people and to build a strong culture of safeguarding. All priests, religious, staff and volunteers must follow these policies and procedures and contribute to the culture of care and protection of all children and young people.

We plan, organize and review all activities with children and young people, proactively considering potential risks and implementing control measures that reduce or eliminate these risks. Everyone is encouraged to communicate any area of concern or where you think improvements or review is required.

Anyone who brings forward a concern, or knowledge, allegation or a belief of harm to a child or young person will be responded to sensitively and respectfully in a timely manner. We report to the appropriate authority in line with our legal obligations and our Complaints Policy.

We regularly undertake internal and external auditing of our safeguarding policies and practices to make sure that they always support a culture that puts the safety of children and young people at the centre of our thinking and action.


Integrity Officer/ Child Safety Coordinator

Christine Smith, is the Integrity Officer / Child Safety Coordinator working for Catholic parishes, schools and diocesan entities. The role is to lead ongoing program development and implementation of the Child Safety Framework, to ensure that the ten National Catholic Safeguarding Standards developed by Catholic Professional Standards Ltd (CPSL) are met.

Please contact Christine should you have any queries

Ph: 08 8984 1413 Fax: 08 8984 1444



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