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The Legion of Mary                                                                         UNITY

                                                                                                  of  like-minded
                                                                                                  friendships are
                                                                                                  very valuable.

                                                                                                  “To      kindle
                                                                                                  e ve r ywhe r e
                                                                                                  the   fires   of
                                                                                                  Divine  Love  –
                                                                                                  To    enlighten
                                                                                                  those  who  are
                                                                                                  in    darkness
                                                                                                  and the shadow
                                                                                                  of   death   –
                                                                                                  To      inflame
                                                                                                  those  who  are
                                                                                                  lukewarm.   To
                                                                                                  bring  back  life
                                                                                                  to guide the
                                                                                                  L e g ion a r y ’ s
                                                                                                  own feet in the
                                                                                                  Way of Peace”.
               he  Legion  of  Mary  is a  lay  Catholic
               organization  with Members  voluntarily          The Diocese needs more members.  If not an active
          Tserving  the Church  in almost  every                member, it is possible to be an Auxiliary member who
          country.  The Legion was founded by Frank Duff        will pray the Legionary prayers at home.
          on 7 September, 1921, in Dublin with the idea
          of  helping  Catholic  laity  fulfill  their  baptismal   For more information, please contact:
          promises in an organized structure supported by       Greg and Rosemary 0459 398 867
          fraternity and prayer. The Legion’s priority is the                  or 8988 6011(Palmerston)
          spiritual and social welfare of individual persons.    Tony – 0417 307 722
          Members participate in the life of the parish by
          visiting families,  patients  in  hospitals  and  the   Carolyn (Karama) 0402 595 218
          housebound sick.  They collaborate with Parish
          based  apostolic  and  missionary  undertakings
          according to individual talents.

          A  Legionary  also  develops a  sense  of  lay
          vocation.   Personal  vocation  creates  a  desire
          to develop an active and lively apostolic spirit
          in the world serving Christ in faith, hope and
          charity.  A Legionary "works in union with Mary
          for God's glory"

          The organization of this lay order is modelled
          on the  Roman  legion. There  are  four  active
          units or Praesidia in Darwin.
          1. Our Lady Star of the Sea based in the
              Bishop house, meeting Sunday, 11am.
          2. Our Lady Help of Christians, based in
              Our Lady Help of Christians Palmerston,
              meeting Saturday at 1pm.
          3. Our Lady of Nazareth, based in The
              Holy Family Church, Karama, meeting
              Tuesdays 6.45pm.
          4. Our Lady Queen of Heaven, based at
              St. Francis of Assisi parish house,
              Humpty Doo, meeting Tuesday at 6.15pm.

          Weekly  meetings last  one  hour  and  are
          characterized by Rosary, prayer and readings,
          and the discussion of their work that assists the
          priest  and  community.    The  Legion  is spiritually
          based rather than materially based and the bonds

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