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Pat and Tony's Golden Wedding

                                                                Bishop Eugene reflected in his
                                                                homily the  great  hope  and
                                                                inspiration  that Pat  and  Tony
                                                                are in demonstrating through
                                                                their lives together, what it is
                                                                to live  out  the  sacrament  of
                                                                Holy Matrimony.
                                                                A  particularly  moving part  in
                                                                the  Liturgy  was  when  Pat  and
                                                                Tony affirmed their commitment
                                                                to  one  another  50  years  ago  and

                       A recent photo of Pat and Tony
             n 16th December last year we travelled from our
             home  in Brisbane  to Darwin  for  the  celebration
        Oof  Pat  and  Tony O’Brien’s 50th  Golden wedding
        anniversary, a pleasure and a privilege indeed.
        The  major  part  of  the  celebration  was  a  Mass  which
        was held at Holy Spirit Church in Casuarina. The Mass   then reaffirmed that commitment again. Another special
        was planned by Pat and Tony and clearly                     moment  was  when Bishop Eugene  conferred  on
        reflected all that was important to them in                 them the Papal Blessing that he had procured for
        their 50 years of marriage. Being family                    them from Pope Francis.
        focused,  it was  no  surprise  that  photos                The Liturgy itself was very uplifting with the music
        of their children, grandchildren and great                  chosen by Pat and Tony serving not only to express
        grandchildren  were  brought  forward  by                   their 50 years of marriage but also being such that
        the  grandchildren  at  the  beginning of                   all present could join in wholeheartedly.
        the  Mass. Other  items brought forward
        were objects that reflected the lives that                  After the Liturgy, guests were treated to a wonderful
        they lived as a married couple. Both Tony                   lunch back at Pat and Tony’s home in Tiwi.  Great
        and  Pat are  great  stalwarts of  Catholic                 hospitality  was  afforded  to  everyone  by  Pat  and
        education so items such as mortar-boards,                   Tony’s family.  Their eldest son,  Chris, assisted
        a guitar and a football were also included                  by  his wife and  children  were  instrumental  in the
        in the  procession.  Symbolising their                      organisation of this great celebratory meal.
        passions were a camera, books, records
        and  tools. Another  aspect  of  their  lives
        together was their time spent on Bathurst                  Submitted by Bill Bemelmans,former teacher from Sacred Heart Catholic
        Island  and  their  involvement with Aboriginal students   Primary School, Palmerston.
        and their families, which was represented by a beautiful   Photos taken on the day were from Philip Thomas.
        piece of  Tiwi  artwork.  All of
        these  symbolised  the  various
        threads  that  have woven  the
        rich and  colourful  tapestry  of                           A few good men needed to wear the
        their life together over their 50
        years of marriage.                                             white habit and make a difference.
        People came from various parts
        of  Australia  to  be  involved  in
        the  celebrations.  Presiding at
        the Mass was Fr. Tim Brennan,
        the  former  vicar  general  of
        the  diocese  who  flew  in  from
        Sydney especially to be there.
        Tim got to know Pat and Tony
        when  they  were  teaching  on
        Bathurst Island, not long after
        Tim’s  ordination.  They  have
        remained  great friends  since.
        They  felt  very  privileged to
        have  Bishop Eugene  Hurley                                        Community | Apostolate | Prayer
        celebrating the  mass,  with
        Fr.  Joseph  (parish  priest)  Fr.                                       
        Miguel, Fr. Anthony and  other                                                   Email:
    15  priests of  the  diocese also.
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