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         Michael   is  acknowledged   and
         recognised  for his vision and
         commitment  to  building Catholic
         Education in the  Territory  into a
         cohesive  system  laying strong
         foundations  for  the  growth  of
         excellent standards  of  Catholic
         education,   and   thus   offering
         opportunities  for  staff  and  school
         communities   to   progress  and
         explore their plans to develop young
         Territorians into responsible citizens
         of the Territory and of the nation.

                                                       Ground breaking ceremony at Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School
                                                L-R: Bishop Eugene Hurley, The Hon Eva Lawler MLA, Fr. Tom English and Mr. Michael Avery
                   At the Farewell Mass

            Our very best wishes and every blessing to Michael as he returns to

                            Wodonga to enjoy retirement with his family.
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