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Tennant Creek's 80th Anniversary Celebrations

              ennant  Creek’s  first  parish  priest,  Father  Wilfred  Dew  MSC,  with  the  help  of
              Br  Andrew Smith MSC,  dismantled  the  old Pine Creek  church  in 1936  and
        Tarranged for the materials to be trucked to Tennant Creek to re-construct it
        there as the new parish church.

                                                 Despite enduring mishaps in the transportation
                                                 process - including some of the materials being
                                                 washed  away  when  a  truck  was  bogged  following  the  early
                                                 start the wet season - Father Dew managed to construct an
                                                 impressive church out of what he salvaged from the Pine Creek
                                                 church. He also added living quarters to the side of the church
                                                 from additional materials that he acquired.
                                                 After  the  completion
                                                 of  the  ‘new’  church
                                                 Bishop Otto Raible from
                                                 the  Kimberley  regions
                      Baldock's Truck 1937       travelled  to  Tennant
        Creek to consecrate and officially open the parish church on the
        Feast of Christ the King in 1937. After the blessing and opening
        of the church, the official party was photographed near the front
        steps of the church.
        This year  on the  same  feast  day,  the  current  parishioners
        celebrated  the  parish’s 80  year  history.  At the  conclusion of           Fr. Dew Church 1937
        the Mass, a statue of Christ the King was carried in procession
        around the church grounds. A photo was then taken of the parishioners on the steps of the church,
        commemorating that event 80 years ago.

        The statue was then carried to the parish hall as the centre
        piece of a display of photos from 1937 through to the present
        day. The display was opened to the public and morning tea
        was provided by the parishioners for the celebration.
        A special cake, which included a model of the church, was cut
                                               to mark the occasion.
                                               Mrs  Beth  Staunton
                                               who has  lived  in the
                                               parish since she was a
                                               teenager cut the cake.

                                               Beth’s wedding photo
                                               from 1960 was one of
                                               the many photos on display.

                                                                          26 November 2017
                                                                                                 Fr. John Kennedy
                                                                                                      Parish Priest

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