Bishop's Message

Dear Friends, 


Jesus calls us to hope and commitment. As Christians our faith calls us to trust and to keep trusting. We are not about instant results!


God’s love and faithfulness to us is for ever!


We do not need to convince God of our needs. We do not need to flatter God! Prayer is about us uniting our will with the will of God.


There are times when we look around us and we can see a lot of injustice in the world! This can at times appear to be overwhelming. We can be confused and fall helpless in front of Evil. Jesus calls us to hope and to trust that God will never abandon us!


The second reading reminds us of our God given teacher who God has sent to us guide us in our Christian life. We need to keep learning and understanding our faith. To have trustworthy guides and teachers. We pray for wisdom to seek good teachers and guides as we move forward in Faith, Hope and Love.

In Christ,


Bishop Charles Gauci