Bishop's Message

Dear Friends, 

Pope Francis tells us that the Church is like a field hospital caring for the wounded and sick, often in very complex situations.

Jesus is very much saying this in the Gospel today.

He did not come for the perfect but for sinners, for the wounded, for those on the outside.  We are all wounded in some way!

The younger son did everything wrong.  As soon as he tries to approach his father, he is there waiting for him with an embrace and a party!!

How different is God from human intolerance and harsh vindictive punishment.

How often have we misrepresented God!!

How many harsh and terrible things have been done in the name of God that would have Him so sad!!!

A reminder not to  judge; a reminder to forgive.  There is no payback in God.  As Christians we take courage knowing that we are unconditionally loved by God.  God is always calling us to repentance, to healing.  How many times did Jesus say 'your sins are forgiven, go and sin no more'.

Every day is a new day; a fresh start.

In Christ,

Bishop Charles Gauci