Bishop's Message



 Dear Friends,


John prepared the way for Jesus. He called the people of his time to conversion. He preached in the wilderness.

Wilderness in the Bible is associated with a place that can be fearful. It can be a dangerous place. A place away from comfortable and easy living. It is the place where the Jewish people were formed as a people in the wilderness of Sinai.

What is the wilderness of our time?  It can be the rapid rate of change that can be confusing.  It can also be spiritual changes that materialism can bring about; the breakdown of family life that many experience; confusion about values, scandals in the Church.

John calls us to prepare a way for the Lord.

Advent is a time of preparation.  It is a time to let God lead us, a time to trust God.  Jesus is our way in the wilderness.  In Him we find the truth and the wisdom of God.

In Jesus we become fully alive.  He is Life!

By making good choices in the light of the Gospel, by following the Gospel, the teachings of Jesus and His Church, we are actively preparing the way of the Lord.

We give Him a chance to speak to us in prayer and the events of life.  We are able to hear his loving invitation more clearly!  He is our light in the darkness, our refuge in the wilderness.


In Christ,

Bishop Charles Gauci