Bishop's Message

Dear Friends,

Is Jesus about division? Does He want people to be against each other? Does He wish families to be divided?

I don't think so at all!

However, making a stand on values can bring opposition. We cannot have morality and make up values on the run. There are certain non-negotiables.

Does this mean that we have to become bigots?  Does this make us narrow-minded?  A healthy living of Christian values is about being fully human.  It is about being true to ourselves.

Jesus knew that being true to Himself made Him enemies.  He was not wanting to be crucified and murdered like He was.  He was distressed thinking about it.  However, He was not going to stop doing what He needed to do in fulfilling His mission.

People may think us 'old fashioned', 'silly', or 'stupid' because we have Christian values that we try to live by.  They might even give us a hard time because we live by the Values of Christ.

Living by our own values can also be hard at times!  We have to make some difficult choices sometimes when we follow Christ.

As we face these challenges we take them to Christ in prayer.  As we share in His passion we also are reminded that we will also share in His resurrection!

We are never abandoned as we face the challenges of living our Christian faith.

In Christ,

Bishop Charles Gauci