Bishop's Message


 Dear Friends,

In the month of November we remember, in a special way, those who have died.

In today's Gospel Jesus is very clear that life goes on beyond the grave.

In the resurrection of Jesus Himself we have a clear statement by God that He created us to be with Him for ever.

This life is a bit like a gestation period.  The baby spends nine months or so in the womb.  During this time the baby is formed to be able to survive outside the womb, and is born!

We spend this time of life growing physically and spiritually.  We make choices to cooperate with God and to become the person that we grow into.

A time comes when our body cannot contain our spirit anymore.  Just like the baby is born to a richer and fuller life, we also are born into the fullness of eternal life.

We are free beings, gifted by God with free will.  God invites us into friendship and union with Him.  He does not force us.

We can experience a touch of Heaven in this life.  We also experience pain, sorrow, and even death.  By freely saying yes to God we find our true self and grow more and more to be the person that we are meant to be. 

In this life we are limited by place, time and energy, and cannot possibly be everyone's best friend; while we can in a general way love everyone.

In the next life Jesus tells us that our capacity to love grows and we become freer and are able to not only love our husbands, wives, children, etc., but love very deeply everyone!

In Christ,

Bishop Charles Gauci