Bishop's Message


Bishop-Elect of Darwin - Fr. Charles Gauci


The Holy Father, Pope Francis, announced that Fr. Charles Gauci, currently Administrator of St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral in Adelaide, will become the next Bishop of Darwin.  The Holy Father also accepted my resignation after almost 20 years as a Bishop - the last 11 of which have been in the Darwin diocese.

I believe Pope Francis has made an excellent choice in appointing Bishop-Elect Gauci.  Fr. Gauci has already spent time in this diocese from time to time, and so he comes with an affection for the diocese and the Territory.  He understands the importance of being a part of the community and the need for collaboration.

In speaking with Fr. Gauci I know that one of his priorities will be to listen to, and walk with, our Aboriginal sisters and brothers.

We are presently working to arrange a suitable date for the celebrations.

My time as the Bishop of Darwin has been a great blessing.  I have shared the joys and sorrow, the hopes and the despairs of the remarkable people of this Diocese and indeed the wider community. 

I will be forever grateful for the love and support I have received.

I trust Bishop-Elect Gauci will receive the same affection and support as he begins his life as Bishop of Darwin.


In Christ,

Bishop Eugene Hurley