Bishop's Message

Dear Friends,


The story of the good Samaritan is a classic in many places. Most of us have heard the story many times.

It is good to read it slowly and with reflection.

The first two people who went past were religious people who did not stop for a number of reasons. One was that touching blood would have prevented them from doing religious duties.

Jesus was really challenging His contemporaries not to be hypocrites, not to be trapped with extremes, but to look at real priorities on what really matters.

The Samaritan, a despised and hated figure living outside the law, is the one who has real compassion on the poor man left half dead by robbers.

He walks the extra mile to help this victim of violence.  He pays money and spends time helping someone in very real need, a stranger!

We hear of stories of people walking past people having been attacked presuming that they are drunk, or just not wanting to get their hands dirty.

Are we too busy to listen to someone who is lonely?  Do I reach out to someone in need even if it causes discomfort?

There are forces in our society that foster fear of the outsider.  There are some who under the devise of righteousness help bring division, sometimes for political benefit.

It is easy to let the prejudice of culture or upbringing, or social media, blind us from seeing genuine need and acting on it.

St. Mary MacKillop used to say, 'If you see a need - do something about it!.

What is God calling me to do?



In Christ,

Bishop Charles Gauci