Bishop's Message


Dear Friends,

By the grace of God I am now among you as your brother and bishop.  I am looking forward to walking with you as a fellow disciple of Jesus.

There is much that I need to learn.  Judging by the amazing welcome that I have experienced, I know that I can rely on you to help me be the bishop that God wants me to be.

Together we are called to proclaim God's amazing and unconditional love for all.

Pope Francis has reminded us very recently in his letter 'Gaudete Et Exsultate' that holiness is for all people.  We are indeed called to integrity, commitment and clarity of purpose.  Of course we are all in need of renewal!  We are all a work in progress, I certainly know that I am!

We rely on Jesus and his promise that He is with us always, even to the end of time.  He is our strength and because of Him we are a people of hope!

We are a church for the world.  By this I mean that we are called to mission, to reach out to all, especially those in greatest need, to use all means possible to proclaim the gospel in ways that are understood by all.

In true humility and with a firm purpose, we move forward together in the full knowledge that we are loved unconditionally by our God.  A God who calls us to share in His mission of loving all people and all creation.

Once again I take this opportunity to thank and honour our Emeritus Bishop Eugene for his generous self-giving mission to so many for so long a time.

God Bless,

Bishop Charles Gauci