Bishop's Message


 Dear Friends,

Jesus calls His followers to a deeper love commitment. He calls us to a total commitment. He is God among us, the Way, the Truth and THE LIFE.

Jesus modeled for us total obedience to the Father.

We are who we are meant to be, by being in union with God. We are invited to freely respond to God's LOVE. God wants nothing but the best for us. His will for us is to be united with Him and with each other in an intimate and deep bond of LOVE.

All the commandments that He gives us, all the teachings of the Church are about this!

LOVE is not just sentimentality.  True LOVE always requires a form of death, death of the EGO.

THE EGO is our selfish tendencies, our fearful and insecure tendencies.  The Ego breeds division, jealousy, unhealthy competition.

The fruits of the Ego bring no peace, no true happiness.  It is a cheating of ourselves.

The Christian way of life is about liberation from the Ego.  The Ego leads to sin, Christ liberates us from sin.  He saves us from the pitfalls of the Ego.  Of course we mean the false Ego.

Jesus calls us to go beyond the surface when we love.

Commitment is a necessary part of love.  Love is in for the long haul, it does not give up.

Fear and a certain laziness are often the inhibitors to loving.  They stop us from going deeper into loving.  Of course, only God loves perfectly.  Jesus guarantees His love to helping us to not give up loving, not to give up just because we make mistakes.  Without God's help we cannot stay committed to loving.  He guarantees His forgiveness, His healing, His love.

In Christ,

Bishop Charles Gauci