Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Diocese doing to support survivors of child sexual abuse and to protect children and vulnerable adults?

The Diocese and the Bishop take very seriously any allegations of child sexual abuse and have a number of ways in which people can have those allegations investigated. We encourage anyone who has allegations to come forward.

The Diocese and the Bishop are also committed to ensuring the safety of children and other vulnerable people in Church settings today. We follow all relevant Territory and Federal Government “Child Safe” guidelines and have additional protocols in place specifically for Catholic institutions.

There are a number of other measures in place in the Diocese. Find out more about our professional standards and child protection policies here
To contact our Professional Standards Office please click here

To contact our Integrity Office/Safeguarding Coordinator please click here

Baptism: how do I arrange to have my child Baptised?

This is usually arranged through your local Catholic Church. Please enquire at the Church Office or speak to your Parish Priestwho will be able to give you all the relevant information.

Marriage: what do I need to do to have a Catholic wedding?

Speak to your local Parish Priest who will arrange a meeting with you to discuss what needs to be done.

Hospitals: what Catholic Chaplaincy is provided at my local hospital?

There is a Catholic Chaplain at the Royal Darwin Hospital and the Private Hospital, and also at Palmerston. Contact Deacon Tony Cunningham on 0407 549 708.  In the event of Deacon Tony not being able to take your call please contact your local parish.  For rural hospitals, please contact your local parish.

Care of the Sick & Dying: how do I arrange for a Priest to visit someone who is sick or dying?

If the person is in hospital this can be arranged via the Catholic Chaplain who will know which Priest is on call for that time. If they are at home you would need to contact the Parish Priest at their local Catholic Church.

Funerals: how do I go about arranging a Catholic funeral?

Please contact the local Catholic Church where you would like the funeral service to take place. The Funeral Director will also be able to give you further information on this.

Becoming Catholic: how do I find out about the Catholic Church and becoming a Catholic?

Contact the local Catholic Church for your area as there may be a series of meetings organised. Or, if not, the Parish Priest will be able to give you further advice.

Schools: how do I enrol my child in a Catholic school?

Contact the School Office of the particular school you wish to enrol your child at who will be able to assist you further.