24 years ago Bishop Eugene Hurley was consecrated Bishop
Today 24 years ago Bishop Eugene Hurley was consecrated Bishop of the Port Pirie Diocese in South Australia. I am glad to say that I was actually present at this ceremony which was greeted by great joy by all the people.
Bishop Eugene was a Priest of the Pirie Diocese before he became the local Bishop.
He was a much loved and valued Parish Priest by so many because of his humanity, respect for all and hard work.
He continued to use these attributes as Bishop of Port Pirie for 9 years before the Church called him to be Bishop of Darwin.
During his ministry Bishop Eugene has touched the lives of untold thousands of people.
In his ‘retirement’ he still leads a full life of ministry as Emeritus Bishop of our Diocese here in the NT.
Bishop Eugene is much sought after as a giver of retreats, especially to Clergy within Australia.
We thank God for Bishop Eugene’s ministry and for who he is.
We pray that he may continue this fruitful service of God and God’s people as he gives of himself tirelessly.
Thank you and God Bless Bishop Eugene.