3000 Orphans in Madagascar Connect Spiritually Through The Chosen: An Unprecedented Viewing Experience

Will you participate in a spiritual journey with 3000 orphans from Madagascar as you embark on a unique endeavour – watching Season 1 of the globally acclaimed Christian series, “The Chosen”?

This marks the culmination of Yarnings’ three-part campaign showcasing the irresistible allure of the hit Christian series, “The Chosen.” A sensation across the world, this series has earned the admiration of the President of Madagascar himself, prompting the decision to dub Season One and air it on national television. The significance of this moment is not lost – it’s the first time Madagascar is experiencing an American TV show in its native language. Given that a significant portion of the country lacks electricity and access to mainstream entertainment, this initiative takes on an exceptional resonance.

A heartwarming video captures 3,000 orphans engrossed in watching Abigail and Joshua’s poignant meeting with Jesus. The connection runs deep – much like these orphans, Jesus himself understood life’s hardships, from brushing his teeth by the river to crafting meals and carving wood. The beauty lies in their shared experiences, and this portrayal resonates profoundly with those who have faced adversity.

A notable Australian cast member, George Xanthis, reflects on the impact of the series: “I grew up Greek Orthodox, but I wouldn’t say I was the most religious person. But take, after take, after take, I’ve been listening to this person preach and it’s so impactful… the messages about love and acceptance and inclusion. I knew about Jesus coming from a history in the Greek Orthodox faith but hearing it in this way – which I hope our audience hears in the same way – is definitely a highlight.”

The allure of “The Chosen” lies in its fusion of historical storytelling and faith-based teachings. The verbatim inclusion of Jesus’ words from the Bible resonates across denominations and backgrounds, uniting believers under the banner of love.

The Chosen’s President of Production, Mark Sourian, credits the series’ unprecedented success to the devoted fanbase it has garnered. “People are starved of a kind of entertainment traditional outlets aren’t making,” Mark explained. “That’s why the crowdfunding works.”

As we witness this extraordinary union of faith, storytelling, and cultural bridging, the impact of “The Chosen” echoes far beyond the confines of a screen.