A 50-Year NT Aboriginal Saga Unveiled

Christmas Mass celebrations have long been a cherished tradition in the remote communities of the Northern Territory, bringing joy and spiritual nourishment to those who call these places home. As we approach the festive season of 2023, a significant and sacred NT documentary, born from the heart of these communities, has been deemed essential listening by Bishop Charles.

In response to this call, we embark on a remarkable five-week online journey, unveiling the 50-year Aboriginal saga titled “Freedom.” This isn’t the story of stars; it’s the narrative of ordinary yet extraordinary individuals who hail from every corner of the NT. Together, they invite us into the core of Community Life, Family Life, and the Sacred journeys that have shaped their existence. No politics, no hidden agendas, no coercing; just heartfelt stories, freely shared.

“Freedom” promises to be a unique and moving experience, offering a perspective seldom seen or heard. Through this extraordinary documentary, you’ll be transported into the lives of those who have called the NT home for generations, experiencing their culture, heritage, and stories as if you were right there with them.

The preview of this extraordinary documentary prepares the scene, providing a sneak peek of what lies ahead. Episode 1 is slated to feature on the Diocesan Facebook page on Thursday, November 9th, marking the commencement of a five-week expedition into the essence of these remote communities. These concise episodes will be unveiled every Thursday and Tuesday, guaranteeing you won’t overlook any part of this gripping narrative.

In the spirit of openness and unity, we are invited to join this unique venture, to listen with open hearts and receptive minds. “Dear Lord, may we have ears to listen,” as we embark on this extraordinary journey through the tapestry of NT’s Aboriginal history.

Stay tuned, because the first episode of “Freedom” is just around the corner, and it promises to be an enlightening experience that resonates with the soul.

Experience “Freedom,” and witness the stories that have shaped the heart of the NT. Don’t miss Episode 1 on Thursday, 9th November, as we dive into this remarkable 50-year saga.