Anti-Discrimination Amendment Bill 2022
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
As you may be aware our Northern Territory Parliament will start debating in about a week or so on the Anti-Discrimination Amendment Bill 2022.
Of course, as Christians, we are not about discriminating. Jesus calls us to love all people regardless of what Faith they hold, what gender they are, what their social status is, what ethnic group or race they belong to, whatever sexual orientation they might have, etc.
We are called to treat all people with the love and respect that God will treat them with.
However, the amendment bill has some unintended consequences which could inhibit our rights such as those pertaining to those we employ in our Catholic Schools and Catholic Organisations. We would want leaders in our Schools to be people of Faith since they are in fact, Religious Leaders.
The amendment bill also has some very vague connotations of what the words ‘insult’ and ‘offend’ could mean. Of course, we don’t want to ‘insult’ or ‘offend’ anyone, however, the way the legislation is worded at present could leave room for unintended consequences.
I am writing to all the members of Parliament to express my concerns about these ‘unintended consequences’ (of this legislation). Please keep this matter in your prayers and I encourage you to contact your own local MLAs (or Members of Parliament) and express your concerns about these matters.
Yours in Christ