Formalising Appointments and Transfers

Where appointments and transfers to the Diocese of Darwin are being planned, correspondence to the Bishop from the Church Authority must contain all of the relevant details relating to the intended appointment /transfer. The initial correspondence must be directed to the Bishop in the first instance at least six weeks before the intended date of arrival, to allow for sufficient time to undertake the necessary verifications and prepare the documentation required.  The response from the Bishop will outline next steps to be undertaken in order to progress the permissions process.

Process Outline

  • STEP 1

    Church Authority provides letter to the Bishop – prior to proposed appointment/transfer of individual within the Diocese.

  • STEP 2

    Bishop or his delegate provides a formal response to Church Authority with next steps outlined.

  • STEP 3

    Individual and Church Authority complete and submit required documentation.

  • STEP 4

    Required verifications are undertaken and information shared with the Bishop.

  • STEP 5

    Bishop’s Office provides required permission documentation to individual to exercise ministry in the Diocese.

PLEASE NOTE: Clergy/Religious from an Eastern Rite are considered as Clergy/Religious from another Diocese and should follow the above protocols.

For an appointment to the Catholic Diocese of Darwin, permissions are further considered with the provision of the following documentation;


Safeguarding Statement Form should be used where the Bishop or Ordinary can fully affirm the individual’s good standing.

** Safeguarding Declaration and Disclosure Form should be used in instances where individual disclosures are required to be made and the Bishop or Ordinary is not able to affirm all statements contained within the declaration form

The Clergy, Deacons, Religious Brothers and Sisters, Seminarians and Novices are required to provide either a signed ‘Safeguarding Statement form’ or ‘Individual Safeguarding Declaration and Disclosure’ form in relation to professional standards.

Evidence of a police certificate from the country of residence is required together with a NT Working with Children Clearance.

The NT Working with Children Clearance can be obtained via the following link;


The appropriate verification of documentation will take place and permission to minister in the Diocese will, if appropriate then be issued by the Bishop’s Office.

  • In the case of Clerics (Persons under Holy Orders), a letter granting permissions to exercise clerical ministry will be prepared for the Bishop’s approval.
  • In the case of other Religious, a letter of welcome will be prepared for the Bishop’s approval
  • For any appointments and transfers into the Diocese, Clergy, Deacons, Religious Brothers and Sisters, Seminarians and Novices will be required to attend training on Safe Environments.

The Parish Priest within the Darwin Diocese will be notified that this permission has been granted.


At the conclusion of the approved appointment period, a representative from the Bishop’s office will follow-up to confirm that the placement has concluded.  In the event that an extension to the approved period becomes necessary, a ‘Variation to Length of Stay’ ,document is required to be completed and submitted.  The request for the extended approval for an additional period will be reassessed at that time.