Bishop Charles Gauci Message
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We have a large Diocese with a richness of cultures.
One of the oldest cultures in our Diocesan family is that of our First Nations peoples, our Aboriginal peoples.
Catholic Missions have supported our Parishes that Minister to our Aboriginal people for many years. We are grateful for this help.
Our Aboriginal people can teach us a lot.
However, they are also facing many challenges at the moment.
We are increasing our Pastoral support for these Parishes, most of them remote. An example among others of this is an increase in the number of Priests and Religious Ministering to these communities.
There is also an ageing infrastructure in these areas which needs much-needed repairs, restoration, rebuild.
We are establishing a special appeal for donations to our remote Mission Ministry in our Aboriginal lands. We will do this in partnership with Catholic Mission who do this professionally, linking with their annual propagation of the faith appeal.
‘All money collected’ in this appeal will be used specifically for the needed ministry in remote communities of our Diocese.
I know personally, those of us serving within remote communities, and families living in remote communities will appreciate your diligence around this appeal.
Thank you.
+Bishop Charles Gauci