Bishop Thank you Message to Ministry in Australia

We celebrate and give thanks to God, for the SVD community, and their Ministry in Australia, and in a special way within central Australia.
The SVD’s now are celebrating 100 years of being at Epping and Ministry within this beautiful land of ours, Australia.
Thank God for their work within this lovely land.
But in a special way, I want to give thanks for their Ministry, in our Diocese, 20 years in central Australia.
I am thankful to God for these men who have given and are giving so much of who they are in the service of God, and God’s people.
They work hard, they work in sometimes challenging situations. And I really admire them.
So, thank you God for the community here at Alice Springs, Santa Teresa, and the community that moves around in different parts of Central Australia.
+Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin & NT