Charles Gauci second jab of immunization for COVID-19
I posted myself receiving the second jab of immunisation for COVID-19. I received a version that was available to me at the time.
I know that there is much discussion about immunisation, and I’ve seen many claims made by various people about its affectivity.
I have good friends who I trust and who are good Catholic people in the medical profession who have left no reasonable doubt in my mind that immunisation against COVID-19 is a good and desirable thing to do in our time.
My own great-grandfather died with the Spanish flu and left my grandmother an orphan. Relatives of mine have died of polio and good friends of mine still suffer from polio.
I have seen the benefits of good sensible immunisation. I’ve been assured by good medical friends that immunisation is a very good thing to do in our present reality and how some of the most vulnerable will suffer (and not them alone) if enough people do not get immunised.
Hence, I believe it’s an act of love for self and others to be immunised and I feel compelled to recommend it within that spirit.
God Bless.
+Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin & NT