Daily Reflection

Image credit: Dave Lowe via Unsplash We are all special, all unique all gifted.Every human being from the moment of Read more
Image credit: Bernard Hermant via Unsplash It had been a big week! So much had happened that was powerful, confronting Read more
Image credit: Stefan Widua via Unsplash Jesus used examples from nature to speak about the kingdom of God.As a gardener, Read more
Image credit: DDP via Unsplash In the scriptures, we are told that Mary pondered all these things in her heart.When Read more
Image credit: Jonathan Dick, OSFS via Unsplash Today is the feast of the Sacred Heart.The heart has been the symbol Read more
Image credit: Hakan Nural via Unsplash Last Friday I received the Corona Virus Vaccine.I received the one available for the Read more