In my younger days I often swam in a place called Boomer Beach off Port Elliott in South Australia.
It is on the Southern Ocean and it is all open sea, all the way down to Antarctica.
The name Boomer Beach describes the sound effects of the booming big waves hitting the beach.
I would be in the water and a wave would  be approaching 15 ft high or more.
You could ride it and have an invigorating ride to the beach.
However, if the wave broke and you did nothing, you were likely to be ‘dumped’, i.e. smashed on the bottom or roll out of control.
However, if you went down to the bottom before the wave got to you, you remained relatively unharmed.
I think that this is a good analogy for the spiritual life.
Life can be exciting, interesting, energising; it can also be like the waves that break as they approach you.

It is often ‘normal for things not to be normal’?
So many things happen that we would rather not happen.
Just like the relative calm at the bottom of the sea, Jesus can be a bit like an anchor in the turbulence of life and its many challenges.
He helps us not to just react to life.
As he said to the apostles,
‘Peace be with you’.

We know in Jesus, that regardless of what happens, God is with us; there is meaning to life and Jesus is ‘the way’.

13th April 2021

13th April 2021


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