Image credit: Josh Applegate via Unslpash

Image credit: Josh Applegate via Unslpash

Why do bad things happen? This question has been asked for as long as human beings have been human.
The book of Job in the Old Testament is a story that looks at this question.
Job’s friends accuse him of having done something bad in his life which had caused so many bad things to happen to him.
So often even in our times there are number of people who have the attitude that bad things always happen because of bad behaviour.

Of course, bad behaviour can have consequences. One who drinks too much, eats the wrong things, smokes, etc., can cause bad things to happen to their health. Other forms of bad behaviour can also have consequences.

However, that does not mean that all bad things are caused by bad behaviour.

Nature is limited, things breakdown, our bodies age and get sick.
This does not happen because we are bad!

Good Friday still fresh in our minds, is the story of a good man who though sinless and had done nothing wrong, suffered so much and indeed was murdered.

Some even equate suffering to punishment from God!
God’s love is endless, and we are held in the palms of Gods hand!

On Good Friday, God is saying to us that he understands.
We are invited to trust like Jesus did.

We gaze on the cross trusting that the new life of resurrection leads us to new hope.

8th April 2021

8th April 2021


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