Image credit: Christian Liebel via Unslpash

Image credit: Christian Liebel via Unslpash

Acts 3:14-15,17-19; Psalm 4;2,4,7-9; 1 John 2: 1-5; Luke 24: 35-48

In the Gospel the Disciples from Emmaus  had just told the other Disciples about their encounter with Jesus and how they had recognised him at the breaking of bread.
They are agitated and alarmed believing that they are seeing a ghost!
He reassured them and showed them his hands and feet, and ate with them.
They could see that they were experiencing a truly resurrected man!
This was no hallucination.

He then proceeded to teach them about the scriptures and himself.

They needed to understand his true mission.
He then sends them out on a mission to preach repentance from sin to the whole world.

These eyewitnesses were sent with trustworthy credentials to preach this repentance.

We in the community of faith have been entrusted to carry on this mission.

In the second reading, St John reminds us that Christ forgives our sins. We need to stop sinning, but if we do sin, we come to him for healing and forgiveness.

We are also reminded that we truly love God when we keep his commandments.
The commandments are about love and commitment. When we truly love, we know God.
We move from the head to the heart.

If we say that we love God and do not keep his commandments, we are lying!

We are witness by what we say and do that Jesus is alive, risen from the dead.
When we gather for breaking of bread (mass), do we recognise Jesus among us?
Are we witnesses to the resurrection? 

18th April 2021

18th April 2021


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