Image credit: Priscilla Du Pereez via Unsplash

Image credit: Priscilla Du Pereez via Unsplash

Recently in a small meeting that I was present at someone said that many people are spiritual but do not want to be part of religion.

I have of course heard something similar many times before.

I believe that human beings are innately spiritual. We are not just a bundle of chemicals. We have spiritual qualities such as the appreciation of beauty in the arts, music, nature, etc.
Human beings are capable of deliberate and unselfish love. The search for meaning, philosophy etc. are all examples of our human spirituality.
Religion is about structure of spiritual thinking in the search for meaning. It is also about belief in truths.

Blind faith without some basics in reality is not credible. Personal experience or that of credible others is necessary for credibility.

Certainly every human activity which we hold in high esteem can be abused. Marriage, parenthood, positions of trust and responsibility, Religion etc.

Abuse of something and the frailty of human beings who do not live up to their ideals does not in itself make them a thing less good.

Religion can do much good, but it can be distorted and abused. The Jewish leaders who condemned Jesus were deeply religious but had lost a deeper understanding of what it was about.

There have certainly been distortions in the history of Christianity including the Catholic Church.

However, these distortions do not negate the innate and intrinsic goodness and truth in the heart of the church.

Of course, people can be spiritual and not be part of any religion.

However, the claims and beliefs of the church are based on eyewitness evidence of a dead and resurrected Jesus. They are also based on the intrinsic goodness of the message of Christ. They are also based on much more.

Christians believe that the message of Jesus is unique in many ways.
We believe that he indeed is God among us. He is indeed the way, the truth and the life and that everyone can be better off through Jesus.
This not just wishful thinking or ‘pie in the sky’.
So many millions can attest to this over the last two thousand years.

So many who reject Christianity are rejecting a distortion which I would also reject!

Those of us who know Jesus have a responsibility to truly be witness to the resurrection by the way we live!

14th April 2021

14th April 2021


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