Pope Francis has formalised the ministry of Catechist in the church.
A catechist is a teacher of the faith. Pope Francis like the last two Popes before him has spoken a lot about a new evangelisation.
There are many who do not have a deep enough understanding of the faith.
The church needs men and women who are well-formed in the understanding of the catholic faith. They also need to be well-formed in how to transmit the faith in contemporary and meaningful ways.

In many parts of the world, catechists have been lay church leaders for many years. They not only taught the faith but also led church services in the absence of a priest. They were also able to baptise and conduct funerals in the absence of a priest.

There are many good reasons why this ministry can be introduced in many parts of the world.

Formation needs to be lifelong, from the cradle to the grave!

There are many callings within the overall Christian vocation. The metaphor of the one body and many parts of St Paul reminds us that we all have a unique vocation within the family of the church.

I pray that many are given the call to be catechists in our time. They need to be themselves committed to keep learning and sharing.

There is a craving, a restlessness in our hearts yearning for union with God.
Many are not able to name this restlessness even though they experience it.
A hungry person will eat unhealthy foods if good food is not available.

Many try to fill the longing in their heart for God with other things sometimes out of human weakness, other times because they just never had the opportunity to know and understand what the Christian message is really about.
We need more teachers of the faith!!

15th May 2021

15th May 2021


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