Image credit: Thaï Ch. Hamelin via Unsplash

Image credit: Thaï Ch. Hamelin via Unsplash

Fifty days after Easter, the Apostles, Mary the mother of Jesus, and other disciples were locked up in a room, worried and frightened.
Jesus had ascended to heaven saying something about being with them still. It had now been ten days, and nothing seemed to have happened!
They were also concerned that those who had killed Jesus would come after them!

It was Sunday and suddenly the house shook and there appeared like the youngest of fire over their heads!

This phenomenon transformed them.

Had not Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit, that Spirit of truth to them?
Had he not also said that the Holy Spirit would continue to teach them what they could not previously understand?

Filled with the Holy Spirit they went out and started preaching everywhere about Jesus and his message.

This was the birthday of the Christian church.

That same Holy Spirit is given to us in our baptism and confirmation.
This same Spirit gives us courage, hope, understanding, fidelity, respect, holiness, gentleness, a healthy sense of awe.

The Holy Spirit leads us into an ever-deepening understanding of the teachings and the mystery of Christ!

23rd May 2021

23rd May 2021


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