Image credit: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

Image credit: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

In today’s Gospel Jesus asks Peter three times whether he loves him.
Peter had of course denied that he knew Jesus three times on the night before Jesus died.
Peter was very remorseful about his actions and cried bitterly.
Now Jesus makes it clear that he has forgiven Peter.
He not only forgives him but gives him a pastoral leadership role in the church family.

Christians are not perfect people; church leaders are not perfect people.
We are all called to ongoing conversion and repentance.

We certainly need to make a stand and not continue doing what is not loving, what is not good, what is not integral.

In a sense, like Peter, we are all wounded healers. It is precisely because we have been wounded ourselves that we can be compassionate and forgiving towards others.

That is exactly what Jesus did.
He was a healer of others, he reached out to those whom others had rejected and given up on.

Sadly, so many entrapped in fundamentalism are harsh judges of others.
The god that they portray is not the loving Abba of Jesus.
Pope Francis compared the church to a field hospital.
He also speaks about accompanying others, meeting them where they are, and walking with them on the way to wholeness.

With the grace of God, we can all help feed each other just as Peter was asked by Jesus!

21st May 2021

21st May 2021


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