Image credit: Ron Smith via Unsplash

Image credit: Ron Smith via Unsplash

Watching the news this week I felt so helpless as I observed the violence between the Israelites and the Palestinians.
There was also news about the terrible Corona Virus situation in India.

I can go on with a whole list of worrying things happening in the world.
One can easily give in to a certain anxiety if not depression about so many things.

We can feel powerless in the face of so many disturbing things.

Sunday’s feast of the Ascension of Jesus and the feast of Pentecost speak of great hope as we face many challenges.

They remind us of Jesus and his power to be with us and to give us the strength we need.
Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to his followers. This includes all of us.

This week of preparation for the feast of Pentecost calls us to prayer and reflection.

In Jesus and the Holy Spirit that he has sent to us, we find hope.
It is a contagious hope. It is a hope that can set our hearts on fire so that we can be living reminders of hope for all.

One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is Courage. The promises of Jesus give us courage and hope as we face personal and collective challenges.

Even when we are not sure as to what is going to happen, we trust in that promise that God will turn everything to good for us.

18th May 2021

18th May 2021


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