Image credit: Gebhard Fugel, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Image credit: Gebhard Fugel, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Today we celebrate the Ascension of our Lord Jesus into Heaven.
We have been celebrating Easter for over 40 days. Rightly so since Easter is so pivotal and central to our Christian Faith.
Jesus after his resurrection spent about 40 days appearing and being with the early Christian community who were left in no doubt that Jesus who had been truly dead was truly alive again.

He taught them many things.
Now the time had come for him to enter into the fullness of life with the Father.
He was going to be present to them in a new way. He was not abandoning them.
Indeed Jesus of Nazareth was now The Christ. Of course, it was the same Jesus, but now transformed into a richer, more fully expressed reality of who he really is.
The Christ, the risen Lord is not only really human; he is also truly God!
He is more than what the eye can see or the ear hear.

He promised to send them the Holy Spirit who would teach them so much more than what they could comprehend.

He also sends them out to the whole world to preach the Gospel and to baptise.  They were to be witnesses to the resurrection.

The risen and ascended Christ is with us also sending us out and commissioning us.

Our faith based on those early eyewitnesses as well as other witnesses over the ages helps us to see with the eyes of faith.
We are not left alone. Jesus Christ is and always will be with us.
We are called to be messengers of Hope and good news.
We are also witnesses to the resurrection.

In a Covid-19 world, in world confused about the value of all human life, in a world of inequalities, in a world yearning for peace and opportunity for all, we are commissioned to be instruments of healing, of good news, of love!

16th May 2021

16th May 2021


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