Image credit: Sigmund via Unsplash

Image credit: Sigmund via Unsplash

‘Do not worry about what you are to eat, what you are to wear, do not worry about tomorrow, today has enough worry for itself’.
These are taken from the words of Jesus.

Bees collect honey for the winter during the warmer months otherwise they starve. Many animals especially in cooler climates do the same.
Animals know to be on the lookout for danger and take to flight when they need to.
These are good instincts which we share with animals. However, our lives can get unbalanced, and anxiety can take over.
‘Do not be afraid’ said Jesus, ‘I have overcome the World’.
He calls us to faith, to trust. Does it mean that followers of Jesus are protected from danger, pain, death, etc.?

In the life of Jesus, in his death and resurrection we are given hope. Jesus promised to be with us always. In his resurrection we can see that even death is not stronger than us.
Whatever life throws at us, whatever painful experiences, God is there giving us strength just like Jesus was given strength.

So often we cannot help having fear or anxiety or worry. When we stay connected to the living person of Jesus we are strengthened not just to put up with these things but indeed to grow through them just like Jesus did!

Regular prayer and meditation help us to be open to being reminded by the Holy Spirit to continue on the journey of Hope.

Hope in being loved by Love Himself!

12th May 2021


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