Image credit: Hector Ramon Perez via Unsplash

Image credit: Hector Ramon Perez via Unsplash

John 15: 1-8
As a Gardener I do a lot of pruning. When I cut off a branch it does not take long before it begins to start withering. It is quite a dramatic change, especially in hot weather.
Pruning can appear quite brutal to those who do not understand how it works.
For many trees and plants, indeed pruning is very beneficial.
It can keep a tree healthy; it can improve flowers or fruit.
Jesus uses the image of a vine for himself and we are the branches.

Jesus indeed gives meaning to our lives. He gives us a platform from which we can relate to life. He is a steadying anchor in the midst of the stormy waves of life.

The gospel is very challenging to our life.
It talks about dying to self. This means that we need to make choices. We cannot just sit ‘on the fence’.

Some of life’s experiences can come with pain or great challenges.

The gospel is the greatest roadmap for life, it leads us to Jesus. It calls us to let go of anything that is excess baggage so that we can let the word of God be heard clearly in our heart and beyond.

The aftermath of St Paul’s conversion as written in the first reading in the Acts of the Apostles reminds us of the remarkable changes that God can bring in our lives.

We are also invited to bear fruit in plenty.
The more that we let go of trivia and make good choices, the more that we can indeed help others discover the mystery of Jesus through our love.

2nd May 2021

2nd May 2021


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