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It is normal for things not to be normal.
In the scriptures there are many literal forms. There are historical narratives, proverbs, songs and canticles, Apocalyptic literature, etc.

Apocalyptic literature challenges our world views and invites us to be open to a different and more authentic understanding of reality.

Zen in Buddhism, although not exactly the same none the less also challenges our subjective understanding of reality.

An objective viewing and understanding of reality is to see things as they really are overcoming prejudice and presupposition.

Healthy Christian spirituality invites us to see the world and reality as God sees it.
As Jesus faced death he says to the Father, ‘YOUR WILL BE DONE’.

When we truly believe that Jesus died for us, when we believe that we are unconditionally love by God, when we believe that we are truly able to be forgiven and healed, then we can take the risk of being open to see reality as it truly is.

We are freed from needing to play ‘games’ in relationships and are more able to love without self-interest.

We can face the difficult things of life more freely.

Jesus talks about losing our lives to find them. He talks about saving our lives when we truly trust God even as we face fearful things.

‘Heaven and earth may pass away but my word will never pass away’.

So, as we face pandemics, and many other challenges we keep our gaze on Jesus, OUR WAY, OUR TRUTH, OUR LIFE!

We can truly share in his victory over death and evil and sin. We can share with him eternal LIFE!

30th April 2021

30th April 2021


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