Image credit: Brett Jordan via Unsplash

Image credit: Brett Jordan via Unsplash

I heard somebody say who had been healing from a broken marriage that was not ended by themselves,
‘Love ended, but not wasted.’

Knowing the person, perhaps a more actuated description would have been,
‘Love changed, not ended’.

I know that after a very painful time they have respect and wish no harm to the other parent of their children.

I also heard some else say recently that their former partner really wishes them harm.

Forgiveness is not always easy. However, it is certainly part of healing.

Non forgiveness is stifling and burdensome.

Of course, in certain situations where one has been very badly hurt it may take a long time for a person to be able to forgive.

Forgiveness does not mean that a person denies feelings of hurt, anger, disappointment, etc.

Perhaps all one can do at a particular time is to be able to ask for the grace from God, to be able to forgive.
Forgiving someone does not mean that you need to be that person’s close friend.

I also heard someone say, ‘anger is punishing one-self because of someone else’s stupidity’!

I do not believe that to be always true, however there is something in it!

There is certainly a healthy place for anger in the experience of great wrong and injustice.
There are indeed also times when letting go (as distinct to suppression) and moving on is the healthy option!
God give me the grace to forgive as you forgive! Lord give me your wisdom …

22nd April 2021

22nd April 2021


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