Image credit: Kelly Sikkema via Unslpash

Image credit: Kelly Sikkema via Unslpash

Easter is the most important celebration of the Christian church.
Easter is a celebration of the triumph of good over evil and sin, the triumph of life over death.
Jesus did REALLY die and rise from the dead. This is not just some spiritualised symbolic resurrection.

Clearly the early church community, a very significant number, not just a very small number, experienced the risen Christ. They saw him, touched him, ate with him.

He was truly dead, the executioners made sure that he was dead. They put a lance in his heart after suffocating him on the cross.

They were amazed at his resurrection! They were not expecting it!

It transformed them and they died rather than deny it.

The power of evil killed Jesus. Jealousy, the quest to control, fear, hypocrisy, sin, and the powers of hell worked together to try to get rid of him.

In the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus we are reminded to never lose hope.

God was faithful to Jesus; God is faithful to us. He will always be faithful to us.
This week is the octave of Easter. Each day is as if it is Easter.

The Easter season will last for fifty days.
It is a season of hope and new begins.
A renewal of our commitments.
It is a renewal of our baptism promises and mission.
It is about true joy. It is reminder of what really matters.

Monday 5th April 2021

Monday 5th April 2021


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