The drama of Holy Week is our Drama.
Jesus God among us, God truly human in Jesus suffers physical, psychological, and spiritual pain.
He suffers betrayal and temptation. Yet he stays faithful. Jesus stays connected to the Abba. He still trusts.
On Sunday morning of this amazing week he is alive again. 
God was indeed faithful to him. Nothing of Jesus was allowed to decay. He is fully himself, fully alive in every sense of the word.
Like Jesus we face our own challenges. Individually we face so many things for ourselves and the people we love.
As a church we face so many challenges.
As a human race we face so much!

In all this Easter reminds us that we are never alone.

God can and will turn to good everything for us.
We are also reminded that there are no short cuts when it comes to integrity, commitment, and love.
Simplistic solutions are just that!
With God’s grace we can do the loving and integral ‘thing’ and not just what is expedient.

As Christians we are called to be living reminders of hope for all!
As we face the challenges of Covid-19 and as we prepare for the Plenary Council, we do so with great hope with our gaze in Jesus – our way, our truth, our life.

There so many things that we do not know the answer to! However, as we reflect together, we know that the Holy Spirt is our guide. In the Spirit we trust ….

4th April 2021

4th April 2021


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