Image credit: Josh Boot via Unsplash

Image credit: Josh Boot via Unsplash

I was sitting at table and the picture of Leonardo Da Vinci’s last supper caught my eyes.
On the night before he died, Jesus gave himself to us and for us. On the following day he gave his life on the cross for us all.
Jesus remains a powerful reminder to us because of his unselfish and total self-giving.

People Francis said, ‘I would rather see a bruised and poor church, than a rich and powerful church, one that reached out to the vulnerable.’

Certainly, church leaders, lay or ordained are going to be most effective when they are self-giving, self-sacrificing.

It is love, especially self-sacrificing love that touches the hearts of people.

We certainly need to look after ourselves.
‘Burn out’ does not help anyone.
However, it is still essential for all in ministry to minister with self-giving.
Jesus went out of his comfort zone in his outreach to others in his loving ministry.

The world needs ‘Light of the World’ and ‘Salt of the earth’ Disciples of Jesus.

There are no short cuts to loving. Cheerful givers speak volumes!

No one says that this is easy. Love is not easy, but without love we are nothing.

Indeed, when we give ourselves, we find ourselves!

‘My peace I give you, my own peace I give to you, a peace that the world cannot give’.

9th April 2021

9th April 2021


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