Image Credit: Mateus Campos Felipe via Unsplash

Image Credit: Mateus Campos Felipe via Unsplash

Today is a day of waiting. We are not used to waiting. We have instant foods, instant coffee, instant communication.
Many have learnt to be impatient.
On Good Friday Jesus is buried.
His friends are at a loss!
They had put so much hope in him. Surely everything had been pointing out that this was the messiah!!

Now he was dead, they could not understand! They are sad, confused and there do not seem to be any answers.
Where not some of his last words: ‘My God, my God, why have you abandoned me!’

So often we do not see the answers to the many riddles in life, so many questions.

About suffering, about evils of one type or another. Human tragedy and pain and death.

Jesus died trusting in the Father’s promise. The scripture tells that he learnt obedience in suffering. Obedience is about trust and listening.

Am I trusting enough in God to let God teach me?

Do I still trust when I do not see the answers?
I do not know where I am going, what lies before me. Yet it does not matter as long as I am lost in the heart of my creator.

We know about Easter. On the first Holy Saturday the followers of Jesus did not know the amazing mystery that was to happen overnight!

Am I prepared to let God surprise me?

3rd April 2021

3rd April 2021


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