Image credit: Joseph Barrientos via Unsplash

Image credit: Joseph Barrientos via Unsplash

In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells Nicodemus that ‘unless one is born from above, they cannot see the kingdom of God’.
The term being born again has been used a lot over many years.
What does it mean?
It refers to Christian Baptism. A person is baptised by water and the Holy Spirit.
Water represents washing. In one form, a person is dunked under water symbolising death and sin being left behind and rising up to new life!
Renewal of baptism is a significant part of Easter.
Letting go of past unhealthiness and sin is more than just a fresh start; it is about genuine healing.
‘I put your sins away from you, as far away as the east is from the west’.
And again ‘though your sins may be like scarlet, I will make you as white as snow’.
Jesus reminded us that unless a grain of wheat dies, it will not bear fruit.

Sometimes we need to change directions in the interest of listening to our call from God.
Being born again is about relationships, about love. It is never just about ‘me’.

The Holy Spirit keeps on surprising us. We need to get unstuck and embrace new Life.

It is like a rebirth. It is always about a connection with others, about service.

12th April 2021

12th April 2021


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  • by francesco Violi Posted April 12, 2021 1:06 am

    HI your Grace,
    I do like and enjoy your explanation of today’s Gospel.
    it’s really refreshing of and for the soul for all those that
    believe in Christ.

    ps; on your salutation it says:
    God bless you today.
    What about tomorrow?

    God bless you always,

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