Image credit: Artem Kniaz via Unsplash

Image credit: Artem Kniaz via Unsplash

Foundational Connection

On Thursday night I finished having a lovely meal with the couple getting married on Saturday and their close family.
I decided to walk the 2 kms back to the retreat house where I was staying from the Sevenhill pub.
It was pitch dark walking through a country road with a very clear cloudless sky dotted with a mired of stars.

I could hear sounds in the bush, probably animals – roos or possums.
It was hard to see the road. I must admit that I felt a slight touch of primitive fear.
I reflected on how rare some aspects of natural experiences for many of us.

The following morning I celebrated an early morning mass with the couple and some of their family outdoors.
It was a fresh morning with a mild chill in the air. Flocks of birds flew overhead with accompanying raucous and song.
It was a wonderful accompaniment to the mystery that we were celebrating.

Again, I was reminded how grounding God’s wonderful creation can be!

How important it is for us all to stay grounded. It is both psychologically and spiritually healthy and nourishing to not be to be shielded from nature around us.

Early church writers called nature Gods first revelation. It reflects something of the mystery and awesome beauty of God.
There is a heathy as well as unhealthy introspection.

I was chatting with a great person suffering from depression recently.
One of things that we spoke about is a need to keep referring to and remembering what we are grateful for in our lives.

Gratefulness for the wonder and beauty of creation is certainly a good place to start.
Thanks be to God for all manner of creatures big and small and all manner of colourful things!

Connection with nature is indeed a great foundation for all other connections.

19th April 2021

19th April 2021


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