Image credit: Catholic Diocese of Darwin

Image credit: Catholic Diocese of Darwin

I learnt a lesson recently when I was in a situation where I had good reason to be annoyed about something. I will not go into details about the situation.

However, I expressed my disappointment to someone intending for them to pass on the message to whoever was responsible.

It was interpreted as me telling off that first person.

I meant well but it ended up for an innocent person feeling hurt.

I also found out that a particular set of circumstances had occurred where messages had not been received about something which is what had caused me to be disappointed in the first place.

I quickly apologised to the person who was hurt and discovered as I was talking that person that they had recently experienced a death which they were still dealing with.

My apology was graciously accepted.

All this reminded me that great sensitivity needs to be taken in how we communicate.

It is so important to not react too quickly.

We do not know what people are carrying.

Commitment to loving calls us to err on the side of reflective caution rather than impulsive action.

Of course, we do sometimes need to speak out about some things, in fact, charity sometimes calls us to do so.

However, ‘The Method’ has to always be ‘The Message’.


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