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Clare was inspired by St Francis of Assisi to leave everything behind and live a life of simplicity and poverty.

She was an 18-year-old when she did this.

She was followed by some close relatives and other women to join this new religious order later to be known as the Poor Clares.

This was a time when many members of religious orders were living rather comfortable and even lax lives.

Like Francis, Clare was a prophet who challenged the Status Quo.

They both practised a radical commitment to poverty despite pressures to make things more comfortable.

Both were known to be happy people despite much suffering and poverty.

In our times of much attachment to material things, we can all learn from St Clare. Despite being overall much richer than before there is an increase in depression and mental illnesses.

Detachment is a prerequisite for happiness.

Clare looked at the will of God for her to be of the utmost importance. It was this union with God that brought the peace that Clare experienced.

She remained a very human person and when St Francis died, she wept loudly.

Clare also had clarity about what really mattered most.


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