Image credit:  Colton Sturgeon via Unsplash

Image credit: Colton Sturgeon via Unsplash

I was waiting in a queue; a young mother was ahead of me struggling to organise things with two children and other things. I smiled and waited patiently.

There were some complications and the waiting went on and on. I caught myself becoming impatient and slightly annoyed while trying to keep a half-smile.

I then started feeling annoyed with myself for being unreasonable!

I was indeed unreasonable.

Saint Paul says the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. How right he is!

I was indeed quite tired that morning and helps explain my impatience but it was a reminder that despite our best intentions we can waver in our being centred.

I find I can get destructed. I need to keep reminding myself of my beliefs and to keep putting them into practice.

We can become so task-oriented that we can lose something of our sense of balance and proportion.

St Paul also reminds us to keep a prayerful attitude always.

I find that saying a little mantra e.g., the word Jesus or peace etc. helps to keep reminding me.

While the above incident was relatively minor and the lady certainly was not aware of my slight irritation, there can be other situations where this can happen which can cause discord between people with bigger consequences.

Staying centred is liberating for us and for others in our lives.

It is also a reminder to me how often we need to forgive each other.

No loving relationship survives without forgiveness.


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