Image credit:  The Madonna of the Aborigines by Karel Kupka - Diocese of Darwin

Image credit: The Madonna of the Aborigines by Karel Kupka – Diocese of Darwin

Today we celebrate the birthday of Mary, Mother of Jesus also our Mother.

Mary is a very important part of our Church family.

As the scripture says ‘all generations will call me blessed because the Lord has done great things for me‘.

Mary was born into a family that nurtured her Faith and prepared her for her Mission to be the Mother of Jesus.

Families nurture the Faith of their children.

Children depend so much on their parents to form them and educate them. Of course, they depend on families to also nurture, feed them and keep them safe.

One of the most important gifts is in passing on our Christian Faith to children.

This is best done by example, conversation and explanation.

Just as we do not have to start from scratch when it comes to other important areas of life, we do not leave the passing on of our Faith to chance.

Encouragement to Pray, to learn about our Faith, to participate at Mass is a wonderful gift to give to children.

Christian Faith and practice for children not only builds up a strong connection with Faith for the future. They also are helped now, today. They need Jesus today; they need prayer to help them continue to grow in love and to have the gift of Faith.

Mary who in turn nurtured Jesus is a great helper and model for children,

She is also a great model and helpful to all parents and caregivers.

Mary our Mother.


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