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I was watching a four corners program last week.

It was about post-election America and the great ideological divide that the nation is experiencing.

I felt very concerned as I watched the debates and the ready acceptance of conspiracy theories that people were prepared to accept.

I heard echoes of the rise of Adolf Hitler and other ideologues who carried people with them.

Some of those conspiracy theories have been adopted regarding matters involving COVID 19 as well as vacations involving this pandemic.

Passion and zeal can be energising.

However, they can also be blinding and inhibit clear thinking and a balanced response to issues.

Saint Paul gives some wise advice that can be a very helpful guide in the area of discernment and responses as to respond to some of these things.

He says in Corinthians chapter 13:

If I speak in the tongues of humans or of angels,

If I have Faith to move mountains, if I have the gift of prophecy,

If I give all I have to the poor,

Even if I give my body to be burnt for some cause,

All this useless,

If I have no love!

Some good questions to ask are:

Is the person driving this cause motivated by love?

Is the way they speak to others or about others respectful?

Is this cause being espoused leading to unity or disunity?

In Galatians chapter 5:22 Saint Paul says,

The fruit of the Spirit are:

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faith, Gentleness and Self Control…

I think that the above are very good guides as to the credibility of those espousing causes including causes in the Church.


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