Image credit:   Mother Teresa with a group of children who she looked after in December 1980 (

Image credit: Mother Teresa with a group of children who she looked after in December 1980 (

Tomorrow is the feast of Mother Teresa of Kolkata.

The Year before she died, I went to see my uncle Joe in India. He is a Jesuit priest and is my father’s youngest brother. He had been in India since 1957.

He met me in Kolkata. He said that on the following morning we were going to Mass at Mother Teresa’s place. I was quite excited about the idea.

Mass was at 6 am. We left early walking in the dark to get to the Chapel in the Mother House of the Sisters.

When we arrived, the other priests said that they had voted for me to be the main celebrant and to preach.

I was to preach to Mother Teresa!!!

She should be preaching to Me!!!

I did as told and even Ministered Holy Communion to her.

After Mass, she invited us to breakfast, my uncle one other person and me.

So, I had a privileged time with her.

She was a sick and frail woman by now in her eighties and it was the year before she died.

However, she was still full of energy and concern for others, sending her Sisters to the poorest of the poor with new ventures.

I was deeply moved.

She was loved by people of all religions and more.

To this very day, her Sisters live simple humble and poor lives. They shun publicity, work long hrs and are deeply committed to prayer.

Here in the NT, they are deeply committed to Ministry with Aboriginal people.

They also support refugees and many others.

A group of sisters are in Afghanistan working with young people living with disabilities.

We have been praying for their safety.

One of her mottos was to do something beautiful for God and to do it cheerfully.

She gave me what she called her business card, it says:

The fruit of Silence is Prayer

The fruit of Prayer is Faith

The fruit of Faith is Love

The fruit of love is service

The fruit of service is peace

Mother Teresa


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