Image credit:  LOGAN WEAVER via Unsplash

Image credit: LOGAN WEAVER via Unsplash

I was sharing some things that were on my mind with a group of Faith-filled people this week. As we talked, I felt a lifting up of my Spirit. What had been a burden before became lighter to carry.

It is good to be in the company of the people of Faith.

After all the Church is a communion of believers United by a common Spirit.

We were very different people but we were family.

We are not meant to be lone rangers. Reaching out is not only healthy psychologically but also Spiritually.

Of course, the Church is not meant to be a ‘ghetto’ we are called to be a Church for the world. Jesus reached out to the outcasts in Compassion and love.

Reaching out to those in need is so central to being a Christian. We can never confine our outreach to a group of like-minded people.

However, we all need to be nourished so that we can be effective nurturers of others.

Bring in the company of brothers and sisters in Faith is a great support as we face challenges. We need to be available for each other, to make time, to actively offer support.

I give thanks to God for those who offer that support.

We seek their support without forgetting that Jesus is with us always even when we feel most alone. Indeed, we are never alone.


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