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Today is social justice Sunday.

The focus this year is the relationship between the care of the earth and how this affects the poor.

Our planet is suffering. Pollution in many forms has had serious consequences.

The atmosphere has for a long time been bombarded by many forms of pollutants such as emissions from fossil fuels and many other pollutants.

Our waterways and our oceans and seas also have been greatly affected.

Untreated sewage, plastics and so many other chemicals have gone into them.

Vast areas of forests have been cleared on land and seagrasses and other aquatic plant life are seriously affected. Biodiversity in many fjords is suffering.

There is much evidence that human activity is seriously affecting global warming.

Icecaps are melting at an alarming rate, with consequential sea rises and effects on climate and rainfall patterns.

The poor are least able to be protected in times of famine, floods, out of control fires, droughts depleted fish stocks, poor water quality, desertification, etc.

The rich whether it is individuals or rich countries are most able to help themselves since they control so many of the resources.

The rate of exploitation and consumption by the rich and powerful has serious social justice implications.

I remember clearly the Brazilian Archbishop Hélder Câmara, saying in one of his visits to the USA ‘America, America, you have one mouth but you eat as if you have several stomachs!’

We need to look after our earth, sacred and blessed by God. Indeed, it is God’s first revelation. We as Christians are called to be good stewards of creation.

As Christians committed to loving our neighbour, we need to be aware of the consequences of our actions on the less powerful, on the poor.

Our Faith calls us to this. Love calls us to this. God calls us to this.


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