Image credit: Pablo Heimplatz via Unsplash

Image credit: Pablo Heimplatz via Unsplash

As I write I listen to the water running in a cascade of water falling from a big bowl onto a number of other bowls in succession onto the biggest bowl in the bottom before being pumped up again.

I am sitting in the shade beneath Neem trees. It is a very peaceful setting.

We have just finished Sunday morning Mass with the people. I felt the Holy Spirit present with us. Yet again I was reminded of the value of the Sunday Eucharist. We listen to the Word of God together; we are reminded of our core values. We celebrate hope and God’s fidelity.

In the Eucharist we receive Jesus. What an amazing mystery!! Jesus in John chapter six and in the last supper narratives, as well as in Corinthians speaks so clearly of its incomparable value.

So, after having morning tea with my ‘brothers and sisters’ I now sit here in solitude, in reflection.

How often we just move from one thing to another. So often being partly present to what we are doing while also caught up in ourselves, sometimes maybe even self-preoccupied.

Love and beauty combine and call us to reach out to grow. We need balance in our lives. Pain and sadness are also part of life. The Eucharist speaks to our deeper conscious, it speaks of death and resurrection. It speaks of the triumph of hope and love over everything. It becomes a way of living.

We are able to be with those who feel no hope, with those who feel trapped in sadness.

We can gently and lovingly and patiently walk with them and simply love, feel with and not be trapped.

Even when we do not understand, even when we do not know outcomes, we can still have hope.

He made a promise that He desires to turn to good everything for us.


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