Image credit: Bill Wegener via Unsplash

Image credit: Bill Wegener via Unsplash

Today is the feast of St Rose of Lima.

She lived in the 16th century in Lima Peru in South America.

She had a passion for deep love and commitment to God. She also had a passion for reaching out to the poor.

Reaching out to the poor is central to Christian living.

Jesus spoke very strongly about it. The early Church had a big commitment to it.

It is central to being an authentic Christian today and will always remain so.

Jesus was very radical in his reaching out to those who were on the outer.

He reached out to those others considered ‘no-hopers’, ‘bad people‘, ‘sinners’, ‘undesirables’.

He spent time with them and helped change their situation.

In the Magnificat Mary says;

‘He puts forth His arm in strength
and scatters the proud hearted.

He casts down the mighty from
their thrones and raises the lowly.

He fills the starving with good things and
And sends the rich away empty‘.

Jesus also says how hard it is for a rich person to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

The temptation is to water down the words of Jesus, to tame them.

Saint John says that we cannot say that we love God if we do not love our neighbour.

Healthy spirituality and healthy Christianity always must have a healthy love and care for the poor. If not, it is not healthy.

The poor are, the financially disadvantaged, minority groups, those straggling with sexual identity, addictions of various types, those coming out of prison etc.

Bring a Christian is not about the status quo, it is about radically loving, continuing the mission of Jesus.


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