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Jesus spoke to the people about Him being food. Indeed, that is exactly what happens at Eucharist. In a profoundly spiritual way, a sacramental way, we receive Jesus in Holy Communion.

Many of the people and even many of the disciples stopped following Him. They could not accept some of his teachings.

We do pick and choose the teachings of Jesus. Jesus‘ credentials are clear. His words, His actions, His death and His resurrection all point to a most credible affirmation of His identity.

He is the way, the truth, and the life.

He is God among us.

While we forever need to understand His teachings more deeply. While we also believe that the Holy Spirit keeps on teaching us more deeply in an ongoing deeper understanding of those teachings. We must not throw away ‘the baby with the bathwater’.

We do not construct the Church; we do not decide what is in or out.

God does that.

Our role is to discern what God is saying.

The understanding of the deposit of Faith is evolving. Yet it is not about voting about doctrine and getting the highest votes.

It is about prayerful discernment in obedience to God.

We are dealing with mystery.

Indeed, we are called to be a Synodical Church. We truly listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to all of us. God speaks to all of us.

In all this, there are many aspects to keep in mind.

The Apostles were given a servant leadership role by Christ. They were commissioned to ensure that we are truly One Holy and Church Apostolic.

This of course does not mean autocracy.

It is about humble servant leadership empowering the vocation of all the members of Christ’s body.

Thoughtful, reflective, and prayerful and humble consideration by all is necessary if the Plenary Council is to fulfil its role.

God knows what we need more than we do!

God understands what we need more than we do.

God loves us more than we do!


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