Image credit: Matthew Kerslake via Unsplash

Image credit: Matthew Kerslake via Unsplash

The Taliban entered Kabul this week!

The Chinese are flexing their muscles in the Asia Pacific region, the USA still is classified by many as the major superpower in the world.

History is full of empires and stories of domination and power.

There is something attractive and even seductive about power.

When people wanted to make Jesus king, He would have no part in it at all.

‘I am meek and humble in heart’.

‘My kingdom is not of this world‘.

‘The one who is great among you must be the servant of all‘.

As Christians, we need constant vigilance not to be seduced by worldly power and domination.

So often we have forgotten this aspect of the teachings of Jesus.

We need constant conversion to be humble servants.

This is true of marriage. There is no place for dominance of one over the other here!

It is true of Church life; we have often failed here!

It is true of so many more activities!

If enough Christians gave leadership but not dominance, what a great witness we would give to the world!

We are indeed called to be:
Light of the world, salt of the earth!!


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