Image credit: Michael Amadeus via Unsplash

Image credit: Michael Amadeus via Unsplash

How quickly things can change!

I was at a meeting with the local school principal. This was between two Masses being celebrated for two groups of young people from the local college.

A text came in telling me about a possible ‘lockdown ‘ about to happen because of COVID-19.

Indeed in a short time, the Chief Minister announced that Darwin and Katherine were declared ‘hot spots‘!

The ripple effect came down to Alice Springs where I am Ministering at the moment.

It has affected planned activities just in case it gets here as well!

It is happening very often that we live with uncertainty.

It is reminding me that we are on a journey. Life is a pilgrimage.

We celebrated the feast of the Assumption last Sunday.

In this feast, we remember that our true lasting home is eternity.

Jesus told the Apostles on the night before he died, ‘I have prepared a place for you so that where I am you may be to.’

In the words of Jesus ‘where your treasure is, there is your heart‘, and again build a lasting home we’re no thieve can steal or moth destroy’.

This life is of course a gift, beautiful and precious. However, we are reminded not to get too smug, not to forget what is most important.

We need flexibility and a certain healthy ‘indifference’ a certain element of detachment.

We are called to live life fully in trust that God turns to good everything for those who love Him.


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