Adult Baptism & Confirmation of children in Alice Springs 

 Adult Baptism & Confirmation of children in Alice Springs 

Over the weekend I was a celebrant at five different Masses each with confirmations.

I baptised an adult, confirmed children, teenagers and several adults.

Each celebration was different because each group was different.

As a celebrant, I was in a very privileged position. It was indeed very special to be an instrument in the hands of Jesus reaching out to these people who are created in the image of God and loved so dearly by God.

At each laying on of hands and at each anointing, I felt a call to love. Each encounter was unique and intentional.

I spoke to them of the unconditional love of God. How each matters absolutely to God. Confirmation was empowering each one to be a partner with Jesus in his Mission.

His Mission is God’s universal and unconditional love. He says to each one that they are worth dying for. He reaches out to the oppressed, to those who are on the outer and feel unloved.

It was obvious to me that many of the candidates in front of me carry heavy burdens.

God was meeting each one where they were.

We are all called to be channels of compassion.

Our confirmation gives us the grace to be in for the long haul as we walk alongside others.

Such occasions are a reminder that we are called to be living reminders of compassion.


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