Image credit: Mateus Campos Felipe via Unsplash

Image credit: Mateus Campos Felipe via Unsplash

Today we celebrate the Assumption of Mary, Mother of our Lord into heaven.

Mary is of course a creature like all of us.

She freely accepted to be the mother of Jesus who is not a creature but the incarnation of God. He is truly human and truly God.

Mary is also the mother of Christians, given to us as such by Jesus.

She is a role model for us of fidelity to God.

Jesus died and rose again from the dead on Easter Day.

He of course is our model par excellence.

In his resurrection, we have a promise of our own resurrection.

When we die our body dies. Our Spirit moves on into the next phase of our existence. We move into life everlasting, the fullness of life. There we are one with each other and with our God.

The whole of who we are shares in that resurrection just as the whole of who Jesus was and is, lives fully.

Mary shares in that resurrection. She through whom our saviour was born died. However, her body was assumed into resurrection just like we will rise into everlasting life.

In Mary, we see what God can and does do in weak human nature.

While Jesus is truly human, He is also God.

Mary is not God.

Hence the assumption gives encouragement to us that God’s promise of eternal life is fulfilled.

We have yet another reassurance that after this life there is more and our destiny is eternity.


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